Why L'Atelier de Gaya?

I actually didn't look far, it's my nickname, my real first name is Gayané, it's an Armenian first name that comes from the heritage of my father's origins.

How did I become a designer?

Very manual since childhood, I've tried my hand at all kinds of crafts.
I started with drawing at the age of 12, then mosaics, and when my 1st daughter was born I discovered origami. It was for her that I made my first mobile.

As a former quality manager, when my little second arrived, I felt the need to create, share my passion, showcase my creations and use my skills as a quality manager to provide organizational tools for busy parents like all of us :D

The evolution of Atelier de Gaya

Since the creation of Atelier de Gaya in April 2022, I have developed my various activities:
  • Making origami mobiles
  • Working with dried flowers
    • Dried flower crowns
    • Flowered bells
    • Flowered frames
    • Flowered tables
    • Decoration with dried flowers
  • Implementing tools to organize family life
    • Check-list
    • Routines
    • Awards table
    • ...

The next step for L'Atelier de Gaya is to design wooden objects, thus adding new perspectives to my creations.

What motivates me?

imagining new products gives me a sense of freedom.

I love having the opportunity to talk to my customers and give you the best advice. Feel free to send me photos of your rooms or the colors of your interior, I'll be happy to suggest matching shades.

Your little messages of thanks motivate me to take great care in making your products.

My passions

I love all of life's little pleasures, however simple they may be: sharing good meals with friends, board game evenings, the tranquility of reading a book by a fire, discovering new towns, gardening, ...

See you soon